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ToddlerEarly Toddlers  (18 Months - 36 Months) 1:5 ratio

Short activities are planned every day in each of our 6 lesson plan categories. Our teachers will help your child gain independence and social skills. We will build upon their natural curiosity and share the joy of uncovering the mechanics of everyday life. Your child will experiment with newly acquired abilities, and be encouraged to grow from their experiences. Children will enjoy many activities in the Early Toddler classroom including sand and water play, block building, painting, reading stories, and make believe.

Middle Toddlers (24 Months - 30 Months) 1:5 ratio

Children in this class will gain even more independence as they learn skills they will use in every day life, such as cleaning up their toys, sharing, and drinking from a cup. Introduction to potty training will also occur in this classroom. Large group activities and small group activities will be planned every day in each of our 6 lesson plan categories. Children will begin to have more structure as we extend and increase academic instruction. This will include learning letters, shapes, numbers, and colors, and vocabulary.

Older Toddlers (30 Months - 36 Months) 1:5 ratio

Just like in the earlier classes, the curriculum will include at least one activity per day in each of our 6 lesson plan categories. However, academics and structure play a larger role in the classroom. Children will learn colors, numbers, shapes, and letters through repetition and games. Potty training will be reinforced and completed in this classroom. Your child will develop a sense of pride and self-worth as they grow from a Toddler to a Preschooler.