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Our Mission

Dear Parent,

I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of our teachers and administration, to thank you for considering The Corcoran School and entrusting us with the care and education of your child.

We understand your desire to provide only the best for your child. That is exactly what we committed ourselves to creating when we started The Corcoran School. That vision is reflected in our mission statement:

Our mission is to provide a safe, healthy, happy, and educationally and socially rich environment to each enrolled child.

Specifically, while most other providers consider “What services must I offer to compete in this market?”, we approach things differently by asking - “What would I want for my own child?”

“I want my child to be safe, secure and happy”
“I want my child to succeed academically”
“I want my child to be well-nourished”
“I want my child to laugh, to dance, to play”
“I want my child to grow emotionally”
“I want my child to be socially responsible with respect for and tolerance of his peers”
“I want my child to be shown love and attention”
“I want my child to develop a life-long love of learning”

We consider these desires in every aspect of our approach to care and education. Our schools are safe and secure, with stimulating surroundings full of light and color. We hand-pick only the most qualified, highly educated, and loving teachers. We spend considerable time in consultation with university professors and early education experts to develop curriculum that has been thoroughly researched with proven results. We employ an on-site chef to prepare fresh home style food for the children's enjoyment and for the development of healthy eating habits. We ensure that everything from toys to transportation provides the utmost in safety. We invest time and funds to build standards of operation that exceed state requirements and redefine quality.  And we offer services that go above and beyond addressing the demanding lifestyles of our parents.

Our parents recognize The Corcoran School difference, our children benefit from our excellence, and the media has applauded our innovation.
I am honored that you too, have chosen our great school.



T.J. Corcoran
Founder, The Corcoran School